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I injure myself at least 3 times a week.
I cut myself, burn myself and just generally maim myself.
I have bruises and no idea where they came from, scratches that seem to appear out of nowhere and this week for instance, my left butt cheek was so sore I could barely even sit down.
Just the left cheek.
And I have no idea why.
I could have been hopping on one foot for an extended period of time which is totally possible.
Regardless, I injure myself.
But last week was different.
Nor could anyone who looked at me.
It all began with a pot of chili.
It just seems weird to eat chili while looking at someone with tan lines and mosquito bites.
It was all done and simmering on the stove when I got an itchy eye.
That happens, you know.
I scratched at my eye with a finger that had pepper oil on it.
Especially when cutting a pepper as innocuous as a California Chile pepper?
So I scratched at my eye can you download big fish games on kindle fire about 2 seconds later underneath my eye started to burn.
Because I wanted it to.
Funny, that technique never works with headaches or annoying visitors can you download big fish games on kindle fire />This by the way, is the offending pot of chili and angry little pepper.
So I turned to a pretty reliable technique for getting rid of pepper oil burns.
To effectively get rid of a pepper oil burn you have to know a little bit about why it burns so much and why water will NOT get rid of it.
Hot peppers contain Capsaicin, a natural oil.
If you get it on your skin it burns.
Just ask the makers of pepper spray.
You can you download big fish games on kindle fire wash the oil off.
So in order to get rid of the pain, you have the neutralize the alkaline oil.
And the best way to do that is with something acidic.
And believe it or not … milk is incredibly acidic.
So if you get a pepper burn anywhere on your body, including your eyes, your fingers, your mouth, your … um … private parts … the very best thing you can do is soak it in milk.
The tissue underneath can you download big fish games on kindle fire eye was burning as well as my actual eyeball and the corner of my eye.
So I felt my way around the kitchen to the fridge, poured some milk into a bowl, and then poured milk into my eye like you would with an eye cup, circa 1800.
I then soaked a makeup remover pad in the cold milk and pressed it on my eye.
I wanted to continue on with my day because burned eyeball or not, I had shit to do.
So I fashioned a little eyeball protector sling out of some gauze I found.
Then I fastened it to my head with one of those small butterfly clips that keep the orchid stem attached to a stick.
I left my eye sling on for 20 minutes total and I replaced the cotton pad with a freshly soaked pad every 5 minutes or so.
You should feel instant relief from the milk, but as the burn starts to come back, replace with new, cold milk.
When the burn seemed to stop burning, I removed everything and let the cats lick at my face.
No sense wasting good, dried up, crusty eye milk.
For me it was a camping trip in a cabin in the woods, no running water, an out house, and spaghetti.
A friend wanted his spaghetti extra spicy, so he added on some habanero pepper flakes, enjoyed his spagetti, then went to the outhouse for a wee….
This is one of the many reasons I love reading your blog, truthful and real to the point of pain.
I have a tendency to hurt myself a lot too…I have a 6 inch scar now from tripping over a very large chunk of air.
A friend ended-up hospitalized due to this stuff on her hands…2nd degree.
Please be careful Karen; if you have to start typing in braille.
I wont be able to read your blogs.
Well, needless to say he go NO ACTION that night.
Karen, you crack me up.
I was so wrapped up in your story I burned my breakfast.
Hope you are ok now.
I hope, you are fine again… And -ähhhm- I am the one who wears casinos aladdin trabajo gloves:o I hate cutting cold and bloody meat.
Or the smell of garlic on my fingers two days after cutting it.
All the best for you Diana To remove smells like fish and garlic etc.
Thanks Brenda j:o sounds good!
I will try it.
The only success I had where brown fingers smelling like a coffeebar!
Yet being the key word.
I usually blame the cats for the scratches whether or not it looks like a cat scratch.
I mean they get blamed for any of the strange noises that happen in the middles of the night.
Hope your eye feels better!
So I decided to grab whatever large and leafy plant I could — which included the identifiable dandelion and another larger and yummier looking plant that left an orange stain on my fingers when I picked it.
Later in the afternoon I too had an itchy eyeball— and used the offending stained finger to scratch my eyeball.
Needless to say it Burned Like Hell.
Without my newly instilled knowledge thanks for that I suffered in vain.
Love the new fashion trend you started, watch out Stella McCartney!
Needless to say, relief to be had sooner is welcome- so thank you for the milk remedy.
The sacrifices women make!
I read somewhere about using milk and grabbed the gallon jug and starting washing out my eye — worked BRILLIANTLY!!
This morning I gave myself a twine burn on the eye!
And here you are with pepper burns to the eye advice.
Apparently I burn myself a lot.
Great way to start my day — with a laugh from you.
I got lost in past can you download big fish games on kindle fire and am now ordering the hand pepper grinder which is just too much can you download big fish games on kindle fire for the kitchen.
May be a better bedroom device as a signal to spouse for what lays no pun intended in store for the evening.
Or take with me in the car to provide appropriate driving scores to those around me!
Wish they made a 3 foot one for when my mother-in-law comes over.
So sorry about your eye!
However now I know how to cure a pepper burn should I get one someday.
Reference cited: Karen you are too much!
Or install can you download big fish games on kindle fire those eye washing sinks you find in chemistry labs.
Melissa — I actually own a few pair of onion goggles.
I know I would.
~ karen eye drops, like visine, are also mildly acidic.
You can also use a diluted vinegar solution to wash your hands.
Hope you are feeling better, Karen!
I also often am working around the house covered in a strange arrangement of gauze!
NOW you tell me.
A couple of decades ago I had the worst night of my life after making salsa with HOT New Mexico Green Chiles with my bare hands.
Was up all night with both hands soaking in ice water, which only helped til I either took them out or the water cooled.
Also tried baking soda to no avail — thinking that would help.
I remember watching Mongolian Throat singing on some cable channel at 4 AM…at least I was on vacation but it was NO FUN.
I wonder if your recipe for chili is around anywhere….
I make a pretty good chili most of the time, but I always rely on the packaged chili-o spice.
I doubt you do that, but then again, you do buy the seasoned nuts….
U use oregano, pepper, salt, cumin, chili powder only the dark kind … hard to finda hot pepper clearly and a few other things.
Tobasco, red pepper flakes ….
A bunch of junk goes in it.
~ karen Thanks Karen, I am really looking forward to your recipe.
It does sound like a lot of stuff goes in, but I am more than willing to take the plunge!
I have even been known to make a pot or two in the heat of summer….
There are also enzymes found in milk that bind especially to capsaicin when not much else does, and it sweeps the capsaicin molecules away with the milk.
One step up they call it a wood chipper and she could run her mother-in-law through that.
As a MIL myself, although an much adored one, I have step in here in behalf can you download big fish games on kindle fire all MILs in the world.
Now, you can see how much good I do in the world and why my DILs love me so much.
Although if we get a freak, below 50 night in the Illinois late summer, I do find myself wanting to make it.
Hope your burn is all gone girl.
If this had happened to me, I would have rigged up a similarly ridiculous makeshift bandage and about the time I had it looking particularly rakish, my husband would suddenly appear.
Took out contact lenses in evening.
That stuff was still on my fingers and I probably washed my hands numerous times through the course of the day.
I know your pain ….
Dear Karen I do love your stories….
I remember not washing my hands after a chilly cookout and later going to the bathroom to use a tampon!!!!!!!
Wont forget that night.
I hope you are doing fine also and that your chili was delish!
Suddenly restaurant eating makes SO much sense… Did you do something nice for yourself after that Karen, just some little treat to kiss it better?
I just soldiered on with my day.
I did this last year with jalapenos.
I washed my hands about a katrillion times, give or take a few.
Wish I had the sense to know this information back then, instead I suffered it out like the trooper I am.
I do have a finger and food story …… ever cut and trim fresh artichokes?
Prep about six and for some reason stick your finger in your mouth?
What IS that awful taste?
I volunteered to make pico de gallo; and of course throughout the day, I too, had an itch here…there…everywhere.
My hands started burning.
The heat grows more painful.
Then my face starts burning: my upper lip, around my eyes, my pits…those other places.
I was in agony.
I also tried soaking my hands in ice water, but like Lucy, as soon as I pulled them out of the water…ouch.
Of course I had absolutely NO fun at the party.
Then I had to figure out how to get my contacts out of my eyes without my burning fingers burning my eyes too get really close to a mirror and literally flip them out of your eye with a fingernail so they stick to the mirror.
Needless to say, I burned but not in a good way for a solid 48 hours, finally subsiding on Monday, just in time for work, yay.
Yup, I had NOT worn gloves, a painful lesson to learn.
I did the same sort of thing on television as I do on my blog.
And get paid for it.
~ karen Great save, Karen.
At least I think it was.
Please, tell me it was real.
I need to believe in something.
Mmmm, crusty eye milk.
I knew I should have eaten breakfast.
Sorry about your eye.
I take an eye dropper and keep it full of milk in the fridge.
I always thought it coated the eye.
Little did I know, until today that is, that it actually changed the ph.
Thanks, I can officially say I learned something new today!
Caroline Stainless steel is also pretty good at removing oil from your skin.
I made curry last week and the same thing happened to me.
I just wanted you to know, milk is actually fairly neutral, with a PH of 6.
You see, capsaicin is a fat soluble molecule, meaning it will only dissolve in a liquid containing some fats.
This is why water will not work.
Capsaicin also bonds with the receptor cells in your mouth longer than the molecules that convey sweet, bitter, salty, sour, or umami.
They also discovered that capsaicin opens the calcium ion receptors in cells, this emits a nerve impulse when the intracellular electrical potential reaches a certain threshold.
People become desensitized to spicy foods and the reason capsaicin is used to relieve pain is because capsaicin can bond with these calcium ion receptors and leave them permanently open.
The cell receives too many calcium ions and the sensory fibers will die.
You should check out Molecular Gastronom: Exploring the Science of Flavor by Herve This.
It explains this a lot better than I can, and many other interesting things too.
Some knowledge of biology and chemistry is helpful, but not necessary.
What Einstein Told His Cook by Robert L.
Wolke is another good reference.
Best of luck with peppers in the future, -Hannah Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

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